What to Look for in a Ghost Tour

With colder weather on our doorsteps and the holidays right around the corner, ’tis the season to get away for the weekend and explore local lore and history.

Like any tour, the best tours are the ones where the guides actually know the history behind the stories and can prove what they say is legitimate. A ghost tour may not have as much concrete evidence as a tour of Boston Harbor, but proof doesn’t always have to be seen.

To get the most out of a ghost tour, check out their website and see what information they can give you, such as length of tour, tour options available, and history of the area. Sometimes, reviews will be posted about a tour, and it’s always good to look those over, but take them in with a grain of salt. A longer tour may mean there are more stories about the area and will give you the most for your money. Usually, a true ghost tour guide will be able to provide background to ghost stories and experiences people have had at different locations throughout a tour. Most importantly, do your research on a ghost tour to make sure it’s not a scam. If you’re interested in a ghost tour then you probably want to experience something paranormal, not made up.

Finding the best tour depends on your preferences, but a true ghost tour will satisfy your paranormal cravings every time.