Three Different Types of Ghosts You Could Encounter

Ghost hunters around the world know that paranormal activity comes in all shapes and sizes. If you are planning on going on a ghost tour or participating in a ghost hunt, it’s important to know what type of ghosts you could encounter. This list can even help you identify an otherworldly presence in your pictures!

1. Orbs

Orb ghosts are typically considered the first stage of a spirit’s physical manifestation. Experts speculate these ghosts are the most primitive form of human, animal, and nature spirits.

They are characterized for their globular shape, their transparent white/blue color, and their ability to hover midair. These ghosts are most often captured on film by ghost enthusiasts. Occasionally they are even caught on video, in which case the orbs have a tail. Experts use this tail as proof of authenticity, because it indicates the orbs were traveling at a high rate of speed.

Orbs are usually found outdoors and at historic sites, so if you are taking an outside ghost tour there is a chance you could encounter one of these orbs. If you plan on taking pictures during your tour, however, be wary of flash, dust, snow, drizzle, and insects, all of which can appear as orbs in a photo.

2.  Funnel/Vortex

Ghosts you could encounter
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Funnel (also known as vortex) ghosts are the second stage of spiritual manifestation, because their spiritual energy stretches beyond the confines of the orb’s bubble. They are characterized by their swirling funnel shape, which is longer and narrower than an orb.

Unfortunately, spotting one of the funnel ghosts is rarer than spotting an orb. They are typically found inside homes and buildings, which leads many experts to believe they are relatives or former residents of the building they haunt. If you do tour an old building and come across a sudden cold spot, chances are you have encountered a funnel ghost!

A quick word of caution: if you plan on taking photographs of your tour, be careful of exhaled breath and cigarette smoke. These can make it seem like you’ve captured a funnel ghost on film, when in reality it’s just human activity.

3.  Apparitions

The most evolved stage of spiritual manifestation is the apparition stage. This type of ghost is what all ghost hunters aspire to catch on film (although they are the rarest type). Typically these ghosts are disembodied spirits that appear as a transparent human form. Although they are often faint, disfigured, or incomplete, these spirits are recognizable as either human or animal. Sometimes these ghosts are even recognized by living relatives!

These ghosts can be found in old homes, hotels, theaters, and cemeteries. People often speculate these beings are unaware or unwilling to accept their death. Apparitions can be caught on camera, where they are most commonly found in the background. Some appear aware of their surrounding or camera, while others go on as if they are continuing their daily routine.

This blog post was written by our intern, Robyn Campbell.